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Return Policy

Please note that because our products are custom made for you we are unable to give refunds on returns or exchanges.

Sizing: All printed tshirts are unisex sized and done with.  All tanks are women sized and all black shirts for vinyl and rhinestone are women sized.

Rhinestone designs are done on black 100% cotton women's v-neck shirts and can be done with other color shirts for an additional fee. Please message or email me to request.  

Printed shirts are done on white 100% polyester unisex shirts.  They are done with sublimation.  This is special ink that when pressed forms a gas that becomes part of the fibers of the shirt. The design and colors will last as long as the shirt. This allows me to deliver a top notch product. Sublimation can only be done on 100% polyester white shirts. If done on darker, the print is faded. If black, it's non-existent. Shirts that you see with designs on colored shirts are either done with inkjet print (which fades over time) or sublimated on vinyl which you can feel, unless they are done at a printing company which will charge you way more per shirt. I also use top quality shirts. They feel like cotton and are not see through like some white shirts.